Human Resource System

Characteristics of  Human Resource System From Opentech


The human resources management system that developed by OpenTech  is a comprehensive system that specializes in managing, organizing and monitoring everything related to the employee in the company, in terms of wages, appointment, bonuses, deductions, attendance, departure, working hours and work efficiency.
Our System calculating the salaries of employees with the utmost accuracy.
Our System Provides  other services in order to provide follow-up of the staff. The human resources management system is available in Arabic and English languages.


Sample of the forms: Employee Card

Our program is one of the best programs for managing personnel affairs, as it facilitates the management of the various operations that take place within the work environment, whether administrative, accounting, or related to archiving, as each employee has a complete file with all his personal/work data data:

  • - Personal and family information
  • - References
  • - Employee schedule, job structure
  • - Vacation and sick leave, guarantee and insurance
  • - Scientific qualifications and experiences
  • - All documents
  • - Interests and projects



This system also distinguishes its flexibility by entering all time influences from attendance, absence, delay, overtime, penalties, etc., and it can also record notes, gaps and leave related to the employee, it is a complete system for managing time manually and automatically by linking it to different programs or attendance  machines ....



Financial procedures

Create a salary voucher called : monthly salary information, which includes the basic salary or price of the hour, rebates and additions  and mentioned the reason, allowances, social security, and family compensation. It is also possible to add employee withdrawals as the human resources system also provides you with the possibility to extract a document of the employees ’salaries to the bank and a file that includes all the restrictions related to salaries.



Administrative departments

This section provides the feature of organizing the administrative structure of the institution, keeping all documents for employees, and assigning performance categories and their elements. The system also gives you the advantage of evaluating competencies for the employee.


General constants

This system distinguishes its flexibility by dealing with all the structural division of the institution, by defining the structural division of the company and defining all data related to the system and setting up and controlling virtual attendance. The system also provides the feature of entering a list of employee swirls and determining the types of gaps, holidays, additions, absences and the extent of their impact.



Our system  increase the effectiveness of work and control all human resources info. by providing a set of detailed public or private reports, some of them are listed below:

  •  - Global Report - Group
  •  - Global Report - Employee
  •  - Yearly Leave Report - Group
  •  - Yearly Leave Report - Employee
  •  - Sickness Leave Report - Group
  •  - Sickness Leave Report - Employee
  •  - Gaps Report - Employee
  •  - Work History Log
  •  - NFSS History Log
  •  - Project Member
  •  - Social Security Reports
  •  - Social Security Salary Payment Reports
  •  - Work Certificate

Staff screen

 Human resources system developed by  OpenTech provides the employee self-service system as it is one of the latest sections that have been added to the human resources management system, and it allows employees to take care of many things and tasks related to his info.  without the need for the intervention of HR employees or management, for example knowing the balance, the remaining leaves, or even showing the employee's reports to show all the  details about the salary and all of his attendance, leaves, gaps, additions, warranty, withdrawals and all the consequences of it.