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Some of the common questions about the "Mas NET" system of accounting and stock

Online Accounting System is similar to existing traditional business accounting packages. But instead of installing it on your small business accounting server or personal computer, it is installed in a secure data center managed by a professional support staff. Instead of accessing the small business accounting system using a native windows user interface running on your local computer, you access the accounting software using any standard Web Browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox even through your IPAD or Smart Mobile .

Yes, you can easily after installing the browser FireFox on it.

Fixed asset management can be automated MAS Net so that you can track your tangible assets, like property or computer equipment. The software will also calculate depreciation automatically, a key component in accurately tracking your fixed assets. By automating fixed asset management you will save time and money; you can concentrate of doing your business, and stop worry about loosing time in calculation.

You Can Learn About One Of Our Most Important Products, Which Is The General Accounting System And Warehouses "Mas Net", Where The Fun Is Through The Web Technologies


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