1 - What languages are supported by the accounting system MAS Net?

Arabic and English.

2 - What is Online Accounting System Like MAS Net?

Online Accounting System is similar to existing traditional business accounting packages. But instead of installing it on your small business accounting server or personal computer, it is installed in a secure data center managed by a professional support staff. Instead of accessing the small business accounting system using a native windows user interface running on your local computer, you access the accounting software using any standard Web Browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox even through your IPAD or Smart Mobile .

3 - Does the system can be installed on a local network and work through more than one Computer?

Yes, you can easily after installing the browser FireFox on it.

4 - How can accounting software help me manage fix assets of my business?

Fixed asset management can be automated MAS Net so that you can track your tangible assets, like property or computer equipment. The software will also calculate depreciation automatically, a key component in accurately tracking your fixed assets. By automating fixed asset management you will save time and money; you can concentrate of doing your business, and stop worry about loosing time in calculation.

5 - What is my administrator account?

You can login using the administrator login when you need to perform administrative functions, such as adding additional 'user' accounts and select various options / privileges for you and other users.

6 - How is my data secured?

Your accounting data, including your password, is saved on our servers in a private area. When we implement online setup of your system, a separate data base for your accounting data is created on our secure servers. Your data is never intermingled with other users' data. We use a well established, industrial quality, trusted data base system that has been in use in industry for decades.

7 - What about access from a public internet terminal?

Since our system is online and web-based, your accounting data is not stored on your local computer. So, even when accessing the system from a public computer, such as in a public library, none of your information will be downloaded to the computer. However, if you choose to download a backup of your data, it would be stored on the computer. So, if you need to make a backup in this case, you should download it only onto a removable media that you take away with you.

8 - What steps should I take to prevent unauthorized access to my data?

The most important step you need to take is to keep your username and password secret. Also, take care to logout from the online accounting software when walking away from your desk. This is particularly important if you decide to access MAS Net from a public internet terminal. If you decide to maintain backup copies of your database, the backup files should be encrypted, and multiple copies should be maintained in separate physical locations.

9 - Can I continue to modify the previous year after the establishment of the new year?

Yes it can. In the case of change of account balances, can update request the opening balances more than once and that from the System menu and then choose to update the opening account balances.