Accounting & Stock management system "MasNet" from the Open Technology Company came responsive and able to serve all Companies regardless of their size or nature of work, opening the way to benefit from the communications and Internet revolution

  • Point of Sales , Touchscreen Interface for Supermarkets and Shops
  • Accounting & Finance
    Financial and Analytic Accounting
  • Sales & Management
    Offers, Sales Orders, Invoicing
  • Warehouse Management
    Inventory, Storage, Quantity Adjustment,..
  • Instant Messaging
    Live Chat, Talks with Others, global Message/alert for users
  • Manufacturing
    Manufacturing Orders, Bill of Materials.
  • Purchase management
    Purchase Orders, Receptions, Supplier Invoices.
  • Assets Management.
  • Payment Follow-up Management
    Check Writing.
  • Document Management System
    This is a complete document management system.
  • Budgets Management
    Once the Budgets are defined (in Invoicing/Budgets/Budgets), the Project Managers can set the planned amount on each Analytic Account.
  • Fleet Management
    Vehicle, licenses, costs.

Public Accounting and Inventory Management System Specifications

The System of Public Accounting and Inventory Management from Open Technology Company came responsive and able to service all projects regardless of size or nature of their work, opening the way to taking advantage of the Internet and communications revolution. Great efforts has been made to develop interfaces close to the understanding of non-expert users in which we offer him in these interfaces the information that  must be entered in accordance with the concepts that are known, and then the system automatically conclude the appropriate entry to register in the  journal voucher in the same way a professional accountant would do it.

While the rest of the programs require you to adapt to their system, our system can adapt to you. Further more, you can modify the system workflow after you have already entered a part of your data.

The Beginning

From the first moment of owning the system, you can start doing your work using it, also you continue all your work from the opening budget or late entries at a later time.

And if you have data in other accounting systems, you bring the data and materials to this system without having trouble re-entering the data again.

If you are a new user, you will have a lot of options to start you work through the ready-made templates that saves  you a lot of effort and work to build your files the way you want.

In all of these first steps and until you become a professional user, our technical team accompanies you at all time for support and advice.

The most unique feature of the system is the possibility to design the interface and content of billing models in the way that suits you best in addition to the existence of a large number of ready-made reports and templates.

Data Security

The system includes a number of operations which insures the security of data whether from loss, tampering with or being viewed by unauthorized people.

The existence of a complete privilege system allows the administrator to create multiple users with independent passwords, granting each user the privileges that concerns his work only according to the administrator well.

When any invoice is added, modified or deleted , the name of the user that carried the operation is saved along with the date of that operation.

Other Features

System of Public Accounting and Inventory Management ... Multiple branches, languages, currencies and cost centers.

Management of geographically dispersed branches and centralization of data through the Internet.

Comfortable Interfaces for long hours working.

Databases characterized by interdependence and strong performance.

Equipped to support the sectors that are subject or not subject to the general sales tax and special tax.

At the End

The system of public accounting and inventory management organizes the final entries for the current year, close it and transfer of funds into the following year with a report on profits.

Public Accounting and Inventory Management  System Logo

Try ..... Compare ..... Decide

System of public accounting and inventory management ...... An Evolving System.

System of public accounting and inventory management ...... Makes accounting more creative.

With System of public accounting and inventory management... Success is at your fingertips.


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