Our Electronic Document Management System is an easy-to-use solution for Archieving documents and images scanned or imported from other files, in order to do a quick search and easy browsing.

The system includes two components; the server and clients,
its methodology of  work:

  • Scan documents on any scanner and stored in a tree structure on the server.
  • Users can search or browse the documents according to each user's preveleges.
  • You can activate archiving server on any device used for storage.
  • System Manager can add, edit, or cancel users.

Our Electronic Document Management System works with Web technology, Means that there is a centralized Web Server and can Systemcan be run from any computer on the network, either a desktop computer or laptop and even iPad and mobile.
Document can be in several formats: Word, Excel, PDF/photos ... .... Linking with keywords and browsed  by user privileges defined by the system administrator.