Fleet Management System (FMS) aims to organize and monitor the movement of cars in terms of insurance, inspections, maintenance, and information about the vehicle, the system allows us to enter all basic data of the car.

Also insurance start date, renewal date, mechanic start date, renewal date, and mechanic fees are added.



FMS that developed by the open technology company is characterized as regulating the movement of cars. Below, we clarify the main parts of the system administration that makes it distinctive in meeting the needs and requirements of institutions.


Car Setting

  •  - Define all data that related to the vehicle:
  •  - Types of cars
  •  - Car Models
  •  - Categories of cars
  •  - Car colors
  •  - Motorists
  •  - Insurance companies
  •  - Optional types of insurance

Car Management

Vehicle monthly information and general information about the vehicle (fuel, number of distances, measured distance)


Car Maintenance: the type of malfunction and the cost of repair are chosen


  •  - Car Accounts report includes details of covered distance and total filled fuel.
  •  - Car maintenance report includes details of the cost of all breakdowns and the total cost of all breakdowns.
  •  - Car insurance report contains all the car insurance, the cost of insurance, the date the insurance started and its end date.